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    Kenyan Taxpayers Have Up To June 30 To File Tax Returns

    Its only a week to go before the deadline

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    Learn the fundamentals of professional marketing with this FREE Marketing Toolkit

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    Uber Drivers Can Now Get Unsecured Loans To Buy New Cars

    Thanks to a deal between Uber Kenya and Sidian Bank

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    Why Financial Prudence Is Vital For Business Success

    It is wise to have a set plan and system for your finances

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About Us


Biz4Afrika is, without exaggeration, a one-stop-shop for African small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and places the entrepreneur at the center of all we do.​

Developed from the needs of young African entrepreneurs, collected through roundtable discussions with the young entrepreneurs themselves, the goal of the Biz4Afrika platform is to lead with quality content on best business practice and advisory services for the Kenyan business owners across different fields. Biz4Afrika hopes to create a vibrant online business community amongst listed SME’s, providing them with the opportunity to trade with similar sized businesses through the portal’s online directory, thereby accelerating their individual growth.

The community is further supported through the collaboration of like-minded, leading service providers across key categories that address core challenges that most SME’s face in operating and growing their businesses. 
These partners provide services on a freemium model to facilitate the growth of the SME’s within the community, allowing them to thrive.

​The goal is to empower every African who has a great idea for a business or an application and to turn that idea into a reality which in turn can help their community, their country, or even the continent at large.

 Biz4Afrika is the SME Community Portal for the growth-oriented African SME.






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